NSF Expeditions in Computing for

Computational Decarbonization of Societal Infrastructures at Mesoscales (NSF CoDec)

Unifying, transforming, and accelerating societal decarbonization across domains using computational techniques.


NSF CoDec will foster a new field of computational decarbonization in an interdisciplinary collaboration spanning 6 universities, led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We draw on a variety of expertise in theory, AI, systems, energy systems, built environment, and economics.


NSF CoDec research focuses on optimizing carbon-efficiency (amount of work done per unit of emissions) to reduce the lifecycle carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of computing and societal infrastructure using computational and data-driven techniques.


NSF CoDec will train the next-generation of researchers and practitioners at the intersection of computation and sustainability.  We will develop new courses and concentrations at the undergraduate level, and a model research-driven graduate curriculum in collaboration with ACM SIGEnergy.

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